After years of working in the e-learning and video interviews fields, Wider View has decided to dedicate a space of its own to the tool that revolutionizes the life of the video maker.

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Have you ever seen the FBI interrogation room glass in American movies? Yes, come on! The ones from which the police follow the interrogation of criminals without being seen. That’s exactly the kind of glass that has been mounted on the autocue, on one side the interviewee sees the reflection of the text to be read, on the other, the camera sees only the interviewee. Isn’t that cool?

Discover the mirror of wonders

Gobbo Elettronico’s claim “Fool whoever doesn’t read” was born to emphasize the enormous advantage in using the machine for certain types of audiovisual products.
When a subject is expected to recite a text while looking into the camera, the presence of a teleprompter halves production time, because the subject will only have to read the text on the mirror, while on the other side the camera will film a very natural interpretation.

Don’t be a fool!

Offer & Prices

The idea is to improve the (working) life of the video maker and guide him towards a better visual product, that’s why we developed the service on 3 levels: basic, intermediate and pro.

Kit Basic: we give you the teleprompter and you do everything on your own.
Kit Intermediate: we bring it to you, we assemble it, we manage it and when it’s all done we leave.
Kit Pro: Write the texts and get an actor, we do everything else.

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