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Excuse me? Did you think we called ourselves digital artisans by accident?
Of course we didn’t! Our tailor-made approach does not “only” find an outlet in the work projects we follow.
If you have made it all the way to this section, you may have noticed what our mantra is (also because we repeat it a bit everywhere): #Strativity, or the union of strategic and creative approach to communication… and not only communication, because Strativity is a real philosophy of life that can be applied everywhere!
That is why we have come up with a series of Wider View branded products that can make every creative happy… And not!
How do we know? Well, we, who are seasoned Strativiters, wanted and tested them!



Have you ever seen a web agency crazy enough to set out to test ingredients and package tea for create your own blend? Such an undertaking could not but be named after our dear Strativity, which is why we present to you the tea of the creative, the Strativitea!
Do you want to know what it tastes like? Well, we put together a lot of ingredients from the notes beneficial properties, namely Sencha green tea, ginger, licorice, star anise and spirulina seaweed. Basically this tea keeps you young, helps against migraines, improves digestion, has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, keeps cholesterol down and helps against hunger... Basically you will become a superhero!
Also, showing that you are sipping precious tea while recording a couple of stories will automatically upgrade your status to that of a Lady or Lord! What are you waiting for to request a tasting?
P.S. A special thought goes out to all the guinea pigs that artisan Veronica enslaved to find the perfect blend.


How can you not want this water bottle? I mean, come on, it's BEAUTIFUL. First of all, with this one you can say goodbye to plastic bottles (assuming there are still people listening who buy them), and then... What style does it have?!
It was also designed by our graphic design artisan Sabrina, con grande cura e molta fatica… Quindi anche solo per questo varrebbe la pena andarci in giro e fotografarla nei posti più impensabili, magari tagging it @wider_view on Instagram to make us a little envious while you're frolicking around!
We then want to talk about the writing? Drink water, think Wider… Even if you disliked us you could walk around with a water bottle and the sentence would still make sense! Brilliant, isn't it?
P.S. Have I mentioned that this water bottle is BEAUTIFUL?


Why wouldn't you want a Wider View branded T-shirt?
I'll explain it by taking a step back: why wouldn't you want a t-shirt? Everyone needs T-shirts in life. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sooner or later a wash of your washing machine will go wrong, someone might spill 100% blueberry juice on you, or again your cat might mercilessly tear into the sleeve of your favorite T-shirt (as well as the arm underneath).
So we say to you: when you need a new T-shirt, avoid fast-fashion! Request ours, rather: it will get to you in such biblical time that it will give you time to watch a whole series of documentaries on the subject, so that you will become a real luminary of sustainability!
P.S. The T-shirt contains a small Wider View logo, which may cause you to mistake it for one of our operators. This does not authorize you to ask our customers for money.

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