Strategy Leads Creativity

A winning strategy is not possible without quality creative content, that is why the Wider View team keep their minds open to the impossible. Creative and strategic forms interface with each other on a path of flowing exchanges, having as the final destination incisive and unconventional communication. The lighthouse in our logo stands just for that.

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Digital ADV Campaigns

We are fond of traditional marketing but think of a leaflet campaign: You also pay for the wasted copies, your advertising ends up in the hands of anybody, with no control. The tools currently available on the web and the methods we employ allow us to maximize your advertising budget, optimizing your campaign’s CPC and CTR. Whether it’s DEM, SEM or social, we actualize creative concepts for each segment of your target.

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In today’s society image is everything, each detail counts and makes the difference when standing out from the crowd. Colors, texture, font … there is a world behind the perfect logo for you, and that is what we are here for: To tailor the ad-hoc product for your every need, reflecting the way you are from head to toe. We are full of ideas, let us pamper you.

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Social Media Management

To be on social networking sites today is the most natural thing in the world, but to be there in a professional way is a different story. Have you ever considered that behind every “like” and every follower there might hide a potential customer? To be fully aware of that, and maximize the management of different channels, by using publishing and CRM best practices, is the secret for successful communication.

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Nowadays, most of Internet traffic is represented by video views. It means that we should not set any limits on its realization. Whether it is a shot video, some motion graphics or a montage, what really matters is to produce a quality product, which touches and fully engages your target audience.

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Preliminary analysis

Knowing your past helps us to build your future. We will talk with you and analyze your pre-existing assets. All the information – not already suggested to us by the web, but any you are willing to share with us – will play a part in producing a high-performing strategic plan and charting the perfect route to achieve the goal.

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Do you know that, each day, over 60 million photographs are published on Instagram? To stand out in this digital jungle you need to bet on the winning idea, on the extreme quality of the shot and post-production. Rely on true visual craftsmen for the most important photographs for your brand.

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Engagement, ROI, ROAS… are not bad words. These terms concern the key values to measure your ADV campaign’s success. We collect the fruits of the work done and organize them in order to give you a clear and transparent report.

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Web Design

Your web site is your digital business card, virtually viewable from Los Angeles to Bangkok. To make it successfully navigable from so far away, it has to be fast and have a solid structure, without foregoing an appealing and responsive design. Since it is not from where they are viewing you that counts, but the excellence of your visibility.