SICC2017 (1st Scientific International Conference on CBRNe) was a 3-day congress, held on 22-23-24 May 2017 at the Istituto Superiore Antincendi of Rome, on the issue of prevention and health protection in connection with chemical, biological, radiological and explosive events.

More than 190 speakers from all over the world met to highlight the latest strategies on safety, prevention and mitigation of CBRNE and Cyber risks, and to emphasize the need to give these subjects full academic acknowledgement.

The event was also an occasion to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), in the presence of the Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, OPCW General Director and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2013.

Other personalities present were H.E. Saqer Nasser Alraisi, Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Umberto Rapetto and the Hon. Gen. Domenico Rossi.

The Hesar Association, backed by the CBRNe Master offered by Tor Vergata University, Rome, organized the event with the support of the Dipartimento dei Vigili del Fuoco del Ministero dell’Interno (Ministry of the Interior Fire Department) and under the auspices of the Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health).

Wider View managed the communication plan and the event’s online publicizing campaign.

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STEP 1 – November 2016 – Video teaser

Hesar asked us to create a video teaser synthesizing the 4 key elements of the event, on which the whole communication campaign was going to be built: MEET – LEARN – PUBLISH – VISIT.

The film material necessary for the trailer was taken in part during the 3rd International CBRNe Workshop 2016 held at Villa Mondragone (Frascati) on 25 November 2016.

The video was also split into 4 separate clips, to have more appeal on social media, especially on Facebook, and on the Master CBRNe YouTube channel.

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STEP 2.A – February 2017 – Online campaign

Hesar entrusted us with the management of the web campaign for the acquisition of new registered paying users for SICC2017. The campaign’s landing page was the “submit a contribution” from the SICC2017 site, since that was also the starting page of the 2-step conversion process, with the filling out of the “send abstract” form.

At this stage, first of all we dealt with optimizing the Master CBRNe YouTube channel, from a graphic as well as a text-content point of view and uploaded the 5 video teasers we had made. The title and description of each video had obviously been conceived in a YouTube-SEO perspective, to appear in SERP for keywords “SICC2017”, “Conference CBRN” and “Conference CBRNe”; each video’s preview pictures were made uniform to start developing a visual identity for the event; we inserted in each video pop-up tabs redirecting to the “submit a contribution” page.

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At the same time, we installed Google Analytics tracking pixels both on the Sicc2017 site, where the abstract submission form is completed, and on the Hesar site, where registration and payment are made. (Second conversion step).

Thanks to the client’s effective support with regard to key words, target, data gathered over the years, we carried out an assessment on the applicability of investing part of our advertising budget on Google AdWords. The cost/benefit balance suggested not to employ Google AdWords in our strategy.

The available advertising budget was targeted on Facebook and MailChimp platforms – for the email marketing campaign with MailChimp we worked with a thick mailing list provided by Hesar. The mail campaign was divided in two segments, aiming at two different targets – companies / institutions / organizations and individuals. According to data provided by MailChimp, the email marketing activity trend was, essentially, consistent with the sector average (education).

The average opening rate, calculated on sent emails, was 12%, while the average click rate for the campaigns was close to 2.2%.

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Most of our advertising activity focused on Facebook. We created a page dedicated to SICC (not using, on purpose, the acronym with the date – SICC2017 – to make it possible to use the page for future events as well). The exhaustive information provided by the client enabled us to pinpoint a fairly ample but extremely well-defined audience. We started testing our campaigns on 3 different audience groups, that, after the first phase, became 5.

Wider View Portfolio SICC Facebook Carousel 1
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Wider View Portfolio SICC Facebook 1
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We created all graphic contents for the page and the campaign’s ghost posts and decided to make four more videos to specifically approach each and every one of the categories of people we pinpointed in our target: RESEARCHERS – STUDENTS – PROFESSORS – FINAL USERS.


In seguito alla definizione del target e alla realizzazione delle creatività abbiamo impostato campagne di clic al sito – con destinazione sulla pagina “submit a contribution” – comprensive di Test A/B su diversi fattori (immagini, testi, segmenti di pubblico, dispositivi) con i seguenti risultati.

Wider View Portfolio SICC Icona mondo
Campagna 1 – Mondo

Copertura: 85.174 Risultati: 28.894 clic su sito web

Wider View Portfolio SICC Icona italia
Campagna 2 – Italia

Copertura: 36.061 Risultati: 7.858 clic su sito web

Wider View Portfolio SICC Icona sito
Campagna 3 – Retargeting dal sito web

Copertura: 7365 Risultati: 5.383 clic su sito web

Through our multi-platform campaign, the “submit a contribution” page witnessed an exponential visit increase: in the first week of April 2017, one month ahead of the schedule agreed with Hesar, we achieved the fixed target of registered paying users.

The campaign was a success, with a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spending) of 35.4 in just over 60 days. Other minor campaigns were focused on awareness (“likes” on the page, video views, etc.).

As far as posting on the “SICC – Scientific International Conference on CBRNe” Facebook page, we found that video contents gave better results compared to photos and links.

In detail, videos generated 22.3 thousand hits, for a total of more than 6,000 viewing minutes.

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At the end of the conference, participants were asked to fill in a form, to give us useful information on which online platforms to use for the next campaign on the same target.

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STEP 2.B – February 2017 – Graphic applications for the event

In addition to create several promotional products to raise customer awareness of the SICC events, we also created visual identity for:
Hesar Association (Health Safety Environmental Research Association -Rome), Master CBRNe university courses and the Quantum Electronics and Plasma Physics Research Group.

Wider View Portfolio SICC mockup 2
Wider View Portfolio SICC risultati

STEP 3 – May 2017 - Realization of photographic and video material during the event.

During the 3 days of the event we provided a photographer to take photo shoots for traditional media covering the event and for online use.

A video maker and an editor were there too, to officially interview participants and create a speed movie, which was shown on the last day of the conference.


“The huge success of the conference has been possible thanks to the company that took care for us of the marketing area, Wider View”

Ing. Andrea Malizia, PhD, LOC President SICC2017


Thanks to our Media Relations activities, SICC2017 had its press release published on La Repubblica website, OPCW website, Tor Vergata Home Page, Vertic and Avezzanoinforma.it, as well as having an interview on Radio 24 and one on Radio Capital.

At the end of the 6 months spent shoulder to shoulder with the SICC2017 organization team, we feel we can say that, beyond the productive working relationship, we also developed a nice friendship. We wish to thank:

Luigi Antonio Poggi, LOC Co-President
Ing. Andrea Malizia, PhD, LOC President
Daniele Di Giovanni, Hesar president
Mariachiara Carestia
Valentina Gabbarini
Riccardo Quaranta

And all the other people who gave proof of self-sacrifice, professionalism, sense of duty, thanks to whom this event was a great international success.

Wider View Portfolio SICC Foto di gruppo

Project Team

Project Manager & Art Director Flavio Lenoci
Video manager Federico Sunzini
Graphic Design Sabrina Mencarelli
Facebook/Mail Chimp Campaign Specialist Luca Di Tizio
Press Flavia Dondolini
Collaborators Veronica Arganese, Lorenzo Tau, Enrico De Santis

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