In December 2021 we were contacted by Mediatica Spa, a leading company in Italy for operations and development of digital platforms in the Bank & Insurance, Telco, Energy, Public Administration, Industry and Utilities and eHealth sectors.
Mediatica’s request was clear:
“Our current site does not convey the company’s scope and mission in the best way.
By February 2022 we need a website that simplifies our core business as much as possible: the ability that Mediatica has to be immediate and help any big customer to perform the service.”

Sito web
Obiettivi nuovo sito ENG
Obiettivi nuovo sito 2 ENG
Video mockup imac Home

For the animations we used different frameworks including:
• Swiper: For all the sliders and carousels present in the various pages;
• AOS: To manage the appearance of the various elements in the scroll phase;
• CounterUp: To increment the numeric data when they become visible during the scroll;
• Rellax: To manage the speed of specific elements in the scroll phase.

color palette
Video footer

Focus on footer animation.

Mockup mackbook


Project Management & Accounting Flavio Lenoci
UI/UX Design & Developing Tommaso Costantini

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