Linearredo, a local business of Bracciano, is a retailer of high-end relaxation products (bed bases, pillows, mattresses, couches) and indoor/outdoor furniture.

We conceived and developed the launch of the mattresses sector on web channels connected to the outlet. We focused our efforts on awareness, providing information on good-rest and healthy-sleep issues, choosing a language which was fresh and young.

Our purpose was to change the perception of the Linearredo brand from a hardly-affordable retail store to a place offering quality products and staffed by extremely qualified people.

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We implemented a social editorial plan on 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The planned re-directed social profiles to Linearredo webpages informing them on the universe of mattresses and rest. AdWords ads, started in December, also re-directed to the same page.

However, some of the Facebook contents were designed to be enjoyed only on that platform and to keep up awareness / generate more interest in the brand.

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The campaign to promote the mattresses collection, was characterized by a series of open-day Sundays, with the enticement of several promotional offers.

Contents were graphic, photographic but, mainly, video material. We tested different formats to understand, at the initial stage, which products would have engaged our target audience the most.

Facebook/Instagram campaigns carried out for Linearredo can be split into 3 different types: post interaction, video viewing and website traffic.

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We created and developed a series of posts telling the adventures of their mascot Mat, on the fantasy planet Mattress, where he lives a thousand adventures, each one in a different context.

We shot each set live with Lego accessories on the surface of the mattresses collection on show in the store and, afterwards, in the post-production stage, added additional effects and themed backgrounds.

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Digital Campaign

The AdWords campaign started in December confirmed the importance of this tool, especially with a view to conversion. For that purpose, we structured a landing page different from the one employed in December, moving from an information to a conversion angle.

The average CTR on Search net was 4.21% with 9,828 ad views.

A significant result we obtained is related to a detailed definition of the audience interested in servicing the brand proposes: on top of a precise demographic characterization (gender and age), we could build different Custom Audiences, on the basis of interactions with sponsored posts and of positioning and creativity.

#SONNOBESTIALE [literally: beastly sleep – slang Italian for: amazing sleep] was the information format on sleep set in the animal kingdom. We developed little GIFs and pictures on a number of funny and interesting oddities on the most eccentric sleeping habits of animals.

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Le 10 e una Notte

This was the campaign designed to present the store’s mattress collection.

Thanks to it, we informed users about the characteristics of each product on sale, allowing potential customers to get an idea about which mattress to prefer, based on their needs, before talking to an expert at the time of purchase.

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The importance of a good rest

Informational campaign on the history of the mattress and on technologies relative to present-day ones.

The aim is to make all people interested in purchasing a new mattress find out how to best choose it, according to personal needs.

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Project Team

Accounting Flavio Lenoci
Project Management Federico Sunzini
Social Media Strategy Federico Sunzini
Art Direction Sabrina Mencarelli
Graphic Design & Editing Veronica Arganese

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