Architettura in Svizzera

The exhibition “Engineering and Architecture in Contemporary Switzerland” told, through the photos of students and professors of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the itinerant study trip to Switzerland undertaken by the group to visit and observe many of the iconic buildings created by world-famous architects on Swiss soil.
We took care of the artistic direction of the entire project together with the organizing teachers, designing the panels, the event poster and the exhibition catalogue.

Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Wider View Mostra Svizzera Panel
Wider View Mostra Svizzera Foto1
Wider View Mostra Svizzera Foto2
Wider View Mostra Svizzera Foto3

The panels and the control by the work team.

Wider View Mostra Svizzera Conferenza
Wider View Mostra Svizzera Conferenza Rinke

Exhibition panels in the Faculty of Engineering. | Mario Rinke during his speech at the exhibition conference.

Wider View Mostra Svizzera Book

Project Team

Project Manager Flavio Lenoci
Art Director Sabrina Mencarelli
Responsible for the exhibition Laura Fiengo, Damiano Forconi, Fabrizio Iannucci

Photos by:
Ambra Arduini, Giulia Attinelli, Iacopo Carinici, Andrea Di Nezio, Laura Fiengo, Damiano Forconi, Fabrizio Iannucci, Flavio Lenoci, Filippo Lorenzi, Andrea Nicosia Vinci, Ludovica Renzi, Claudia Santucci / Claudio Greco, Rosalia Vittorini.

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