H-Hope (Hidden Hydro Oscillating power for Europe) is an innovative project funded by the European Union which deals with research and development in the reuse of water from private homes in order to generate clean and sustainable hydroelectric energy.
For them we created a logo that was recognizable and contributed to giving awareness and reliability to the brand and then a showcase site to presenting the project.

Sito web



This logo would like to represent the continuous flow of water and its possible infinite reuse by exploiting the suggestion of Escher’s famous impossible perspectives.

The logo uses the communicative power of symbols to summarize the nature of H-Hope, in a synthetic and geometric way (which brings us back to the typical discipline of the world of science) and through a classic and immediate icon that represents water: a drop.

In fact, the logo is formed by a drop of water drawn in a 3D style but with an impossible extrusions.

immagine concept
formula concept
stationary tavola
The brand institutional fonts are those that make up the logo:
TITLES  IvyMode – is a font with personality and a high contrast, ideal for large and catchy titles with its elegant lines;
TEXTS  Poppins – is instead a linear and clean sans serif, excellent for the longer texts and for use on the web as it is a Google Fonts.
color palette
The colors used in this logo are shades of blue which start from its darkest shade, the Pantone of the European Union flag.
This choice was born naturally to associate the brand with the water element and the close connection of H-Hope project with the European Union.
Its brand identity’s color palette includes some of those shades of blue and also other neutral support colors in addition to the yellow of the EU flag and its darker and more orange shade, a color that can contrasting with the blue predominance of the brand.
Template titolo
2023.01.18_Mockup powerpoint Screens
Office mockup

rem6 rimborso4 rem2 rimborso4

Titolo Website@2x

Website mockup


Project Management & Accounting   Flavio Lenoci
Art Direction & Graphic Design   Sabrina Mencarelli
Developing   Roberto Rescigno

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